Why Create Calendars?

Calendars depicting stories of mental health and recovery are powerful tools. They raise awareness about mental wellbeing, let people know they are not alone in feelings of distress and each page directs people to support.

How to make a community and mental health-focused calendar

The calendars can be created by the committee, with funds from a local person or, like Riverina Bluebell in NSW, a competition could be held where farmers are asked to send in a photo and story and twelve finalists are chosen. You may also consider:

·   Engaging a local artist or photographer

·   Doing a photo competition (e.g. Riverina Bluebell)

·   Asking locals to volunteer their mental health stories (e.g. PHN Country SA)

·   Getting some funding together for production

What to do with the calendar?

If you create a calendar, or any other kind of printed or digital resource, hold a launch or consider ways of distributing the calendar that offer opportunities for conversations about wellbeing.

Tips on how to make your own calendar

What kind of information do you want in your calendar? Will you take photos or organise a competition? How will you print it? Will you offer it for free as a gift?
Download our helpful guide.

If you need one on one help now, crisis support services can be reached 24 hours a day:

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