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We acknowledge and thank the organisations who helped bring Taking Stock to life.

Project Lead

The National Enterprise for Rural Community Wellbeing (NERCW) was founded by Professor Lia Bryant to collaborate with rural communities, not-for-profit organisations, government and industry to provide co-designed and creative solutions for rural communities through research that delivers local and sustainable outcomes.

The University of South Australia is Australia’s University of Enterprise. Our culture of innovation is anchored around global and national links to academic, research and industry partners. Our research is inventive and adventurous, and we create new knowledge that is central to global economic and social prosperity.

Funders and Partners

Community Groups

Thanking Individuals

Thanking our Project Assistants, Academic Journalists, Creatives and other contributors.

Project Assistants

Dr Bridget Garnham

Dr Victoria Fielding

Dr Miriam Posselt

Ms Michelle Stanhope

Dr Alison Kennedy

Dr Scott Fitzpatrick

Dr Katerina Bryant

Dr Shannon Sandford

Ms Chloe Katopodis

Academic Journalists

Dr Katrina Jaworksi

Dr Doreen Donovan

Dr Amy Baker

Dr David Radford

Dr Helena De Anstiss

Dr Rosie Roberts

Professor Lia Bryant


Mr Rob Lang

Ms Alex Seret

Mr Cameron Roberts

Mr Rob Tremelling

Mr Lucas Shaw

Ms Cassie Hough

Mr Jordan Roberts

Ms Maike Moritz

Ms Amy Milhinch

Mr Jordan Graetz

Svelte Studios


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