The Power of Local Service Providers

To help connect farmers and their families to health and wellbeing services, invite service providers to create short films for your social media sites about who they are and what they offer. 

Why create a short film by local service providers?

The personalised service directory sits on the fridge as an everyday reminder of available services delivered by people who understand farmers and farming. Creating a short film of local service providers also speaking about who they are and what support they offer  complements the directory. Importantly, a film showcases ‘the person’ who delivers the service and shows they are approachable, understand and can help. A film on Facebook, Instagram or your webpage will reach a lot of people quickly.

How to make a short film

Ask each of your local service providers to create a short film using their computer or phone to film themselves. These questions might be helpful in prompting the content of the film:

·  What is your name?

·  How long have you lived in the area?

·  What do you love about the area?

·  Have you farmed and if so, can you briefly tell your story?

·  What service can you offer farmers and their families?

·  How can farmers or their families contact you?

For ongoing impact, upload a film a month. Repeat uploading at particularly busy and stressful times during the year.

Using video to build connections with providers

This resource is an extension of the Create a human support service directory resource, but instead uses video content to help farmers meet local service providers in a warm, non-confrontational way.

If you need one on one help now, crisis support services can be reached 24 hours a day:

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