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The aim of the stories is to help farmers recognise that the distress, mental ill health and/or suicidal ideation they may have experienced is also experienced by other farmers. The stories also aim to break down the barriers for seeking help, and to provide information about mental health services.

2022 | Men

Farmers and mental distress: ‘I’m still a bit ashamed about my story’

In an article for The Guardian, published in 2018, Dr Katerina Bryant reports on our initiative to reduce the stigma around mental health—a partnership between the National Enterprise for Rural Community Wellbeing at the University of South Australia and Country SA Primary Health Network to create a series of calendars that feature farmers speaking out…

2022 | Men

You don’t have to fix things all on our own – Joe’s Story #1

Joe, 55, grew up on the family farm on the Yorke Peninsula and farming is all he knows. When his parents died, he became the fourth generation to farm. Joe diversified his crops by growing wheat, barely and lupins because the climate changes so much. He also keeps sheep for meat production. Joe married a…

2022 | Men

Surviving the ups, and especially the downs, on the family farm – Joe’s Story #2

Joe, 55, has lived on the farm all his life. He followed in the footsteps of four generations of his family who have called the farm home. Through good times and bad, the family have survived it all. Joe is married to Jessica and their two children, Pete, 18, and Sarah, 14, are rapidly growing…

Watch our Digital Stories

Digital stories are emotionally impactful. When people are filmed we see and hear pain and joy etched on to their faces and in their voices. Film has a way of really resonating with us. The aim of the films is to help rural communities, service providers and also urban communities understand farmer distress and suicidal ideation. Further, the films show farmers that other farmers, no matter where they live or what they farm, share similar experiences. The films also showcase how rural community suicide prevention grassroots groups were established, how they work and their impact.


Taking Stock Online Launch Event of Website

Taking Stock Online Launch Event of Website
2023 | Community Story | Farmers Story | Men | Women

Community Matters – Episode 1 – Riverina Bluebell

Community Matters – Episode 1 – Riverina Bluebell
2023 | Community Story | Farmers Story

Community Matters – Episode 2 – SOS Yorkes

Community Matters – Episode 2 – SOS Yorkes

Farmer’s Talk Mental Health

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Farmer’s Talk Mental Health. Shared stories help us to identify our feelings and ways of receiving support. These stories are by farmers, for farmers. This collection of podcasts focuses on younger men in farming. Some of these farmers are new to farming, others are regenerative farmers and some come from family farms. The podcasts address differences in the lives of farmers, who share their experiences of distress, suicidal experiences, help seeking and recovery.

Thanks to Cassie Hough and podcast editors from Podbooth

Fluctuating sales, disposing of good crops, large debts. Arran Heideman & Simeon Ash tell all

Farmers Story | Men
Arran Heideman is a permaculture market gardener from a farm near Brisbane. He loves farming, and says this is what makes the challenges manageable. He says fluctuating sales and disposing of good crops that cannot be sold can be challenging to his mental health. Simeon Ash is a market gardener from Melbourne who also has no family background in farming, and fell in love with it after being a part-time farm worker. Simeon talks about the challenges of the large financial and debt outlay required in farming, particularly when you don’t have a family background in farming.

The Naked Farmer with Ben Brooksby

Farmers Story | Men
Ben Brooksby is a cattle farmer from the south east of South Australia whose family comes from a farming background in Victoria. Ben describes himself as a shy and anxious person, and is known as the ‘Naked Farmer’ because he works in his community to raise awareness of mental health challenges.

The distress of selling the farm with Ant Wilson

Farmers Story | Men
Ant Wilson is a NSW based organic fruit farmer with no family background in farming, who had always dreamt of being a farmer. Ant tells his story of exiting farming and the distress of coming to the decision to sell his property.

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